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School of Prophetic Ministry Workbook

Supplement to Prophetic Ministry Level I (Boot Camp). Mandatory Purchase for all students.

Workbook: $15.00 eBook | $25 Hardcopy

Live Fanatical

Lougenia TrialBlazer Rucker's contributing compelling chapter "From Ashes to Amazing" is a must read!  

A Greater Collaboration:
Birthing Forth Brilliance!

A powerful 12-weeks was undertaken in 2011. From that 12-week journey comes "A Greater Collaboration." Eight authors from different regions of the United States share their experience, development, and testimony after being mentored and coached by Apostle Lougenia Rucker. 

$14.95 - Paperback + $3.00 Shipping

This is Your Set Time:
21- Days of Prophetic Devotions

This Is Your Set Time: 21 Days of Prophetic Devotions is an inspired collection of prophetic devotions birthed out of the authors commitment and a sacrificial time of fasting and prayer. The devotions and testimonies will encourage your heart, challenge your faith and stir you to move forward in your personal pursuit of God's order for your life and cause you to walk in divine favor, overflowing fruitfulness and absolute fulfillment.

$12.99 - Paperback + $3.00 Shipping

Abandoned but not Alone, Forsaken but not Forgotten: The Caregiver's Journey and The Making of the Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry

"Abandoned but not Alone, Forsaken but not Forgotten: the caregiver's journey and the making of the apostolic-prophetic ministry" the compelling and true story of how Apostle Lougenia Rucker moved out of grief and into Destiny.

$12.99 - Paperback+ $3.00 Shipping

Shama Oil

Divine Diamonds Ministries, Inc. has partnered with Atlanta-based Shama Oil to provide Anointed Oil for personal use

                                                                            $12.00 - 1/2 ounce + $3.00 Shipping

We are pleased to present this Gorgeous 2015 Keepsake Calendar Commemorating the Life of First Lady Michelle Obama.

As a thank you for supporting this fundraising effort of Divine Diamonds Ministries you will receive Free Shipping on all Calendar Purchases.


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