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Thank you again for allowing me to support and serve you as a Spiritual Life Coach & Kingdom Mentor as you begin anew. Or perhaps you are enlarging your capacity or expanding your scope for increase, greater impact, and influence in 2017.

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School of Prophetic Ministry - (Level 11) Growing and Sharpening Your Prophetic Edge

Spiritual Training & Development: Six consecutive Mondays virtual classes via Tele-conference Calls & private Learning Center

School of Prophetic Ministry, Level II

Newly Expanded Course: 16 Power-Packed Prophetic Learning Modules

The Prophetic Ministry is more than giving people "the Word of the Lord" once in a while. God wants you to be His oracle, or one who speaks on the behalf of God inspired or influenced of the Holy Spirit.

Our divine intention is to develop a prophetic kingdom community who can hear and act on the voice of the Lord. We will endeavor to nurture and support you in your desire to grow, develop & expand in the anointing of the Prophetic Ministry, which glorifies the Lord, thru offering the following weekly learning topics, activations & discussions:

  • Contending for the Fullness of the Prophetic                    Anointing
  • The Prophet's Ministry of Impartations, Gifts and            Spiritual Power and Anointings 
  • Prophets Who Protect
  • Prophets At The Gates
  • Spiritual Authority and Submission

  • Nurturing the Prophetic Ministry
  • Practical Ways to Grow in The Prophetic
  • Prophetic Activations

This will be a life-shifting 6 weeks of instructions, coaching, imparting and activating  which will require deep humility as learners; expressed in a teachable spirit as you go to greater depths spiritual maturity and advance in prophetic ministry.

Powerful 4 weeks Spiritual Boot Camp Training: Instruction, impartation, activation and group coaching weekly. You will be spiritually stretched and the gifts within you stirred up and activated. You will learn the difference between: The Gift of Prophecy (Gift of the Holy Spirit) and the Ministry Gift of the Office of the Prophet ( A Five-Fold Leadership Mantle of Jesus Christ), and soooo much more. Our spiritual development assessment will help you to discover and discern your primary and secondary spiritual gifts and callings.

Instructor/Facilitator: Minister Karen Boyd

Overseer: Apostle Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker

Dynamic Online Modules:

  • The Purpose of Prophetic Ministry
  • God's Purpose for Prophets
  • The Nature of Personal Prophecy
  • Five Expressions  of Prophecy
  • Learning to Hear the Voice of God
  • Guidelines for Judging Prophetic Words
  • Guidelines for Prophetic Etiquette
  • Levels of Prophetic Ministry
  • The Language of God: Vision and Dreams
  • Five-Fold Ministry "Leadership" Gifts (Apostle, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers)
  • The Holy Spirit and Prophecy
  • Spiritual Gifts & Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • The Seven Motivational Gifts

5 Super Bonus......

  • PROPHETIC ACTIVATIONS: You will be given a platform for your grace to be activated during class times.
  • REAL LIVE MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES: You will be given the blessed opportunity to activate your gifts and to        minister prophetically during our weekly DDM Wisdom Speaks/Prayer Teleconference Calls.
  • HEART CENTERED SUPPORT: Unlimited e-mail support through our exclusive E-Learning Center.

SPECIAL NOTE: Upon satisfactory completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Four Consecutive Mondays of dynamic Prophetic Booth Camp Training & Activation

Virtual course via teleconference calls and On-line Leaning Center

Own Your Power, Clarify Your Vision and Take Your Life, Business 

and/or your Ministry to the Next Elevated Level and Fulfill your Destiny........


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prosperity in your mind, body and Spirit?

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This Is Your Set Time: 21 Days of Prophetic Devotions is an inspired collection of prophetic devotions birthed out of the authors commitment and a sacrificial time of fasting and prayer. The devotions and testimonies will encourage your heart, challenge your faith and stir you to move forward in your personal pursuit of God's order for your life and cause you to walk in divine favor, overflowing fruitfulness and absolute fulfillment.  Price: $12.99 + $3.00 Shipping.

Lougenia TralBlazer Rucker presents three (3) leading-edge mentoring/coaching opportunities:

  • Monthly Mentoring Program - Uncommon Mentoring Mastery/Circle of Counsel Program
  • Five-weeks Mentoring/Coaching Program -  Mentoring Marketplace Ministry - Fall 2016
  • Eight-weeks Mentoring/coachingProgram - Mentoring & Personal Development - Fall 2016

The On-Line/Tele-conference Calls, life-enriching, Mentoring & Personal Development Programs are designed to focus on the potential, purpose and power within YOU, and to move you forward with clarity. Resulting in you being empowered and even transformed to passionately pursue your purpose with fruitfulness, fulfillment and success

Facilitator: Lougenia TrailBlazing Rucker, M.A.

These signature, life-shifting, mentoring experiences will be facilitated by Kingdom Mentor and Spiritual  mid-wife,  Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker. She will instruct, impart and guide you into a fundamental "shift" which will lead you to tap into a divine place of possibilities, passion, purpose, power and ultimately destiny. 

Transformation BEGINS  Within. To transform, you must renew your mind with new information, revelation and impartation. 

Here are some of the dynamic life-changing mentoring topics of empowerment:

* Know YOUR Power

* OWN Your Power

* Write the Vision & Take it to the Next Elevated Level

* Goal Achievement Success System

* Live with more Joy, Ease, Confidence & Abundance

* Transform Your Relationship with Money

* 7 Components of a Vision and Purpose Mentoring
* The Power of Prayer and the Word of God
* The Seven Spirits of God
* SHIFT: Creating an Unshakable & Mountain Moving Mindset
* Living Fearlessly: Binding up the Spirit of Fear and Releasing Freedom, Peace & Joy
* Emotional Breakthrough & Healing
* Heart Transformation
* 21 Elements of the Manifestations of the Holy Spirit
* Breaking Chains and Cycles of Generational Curses
* Personal Prophetic Ministry & Activations