Divine Destiny Institute

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Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Boss Ladies, Marketplace Ministry Leaders

Additional Programs

The School of Servant hood: The Art of Serving God thru Serving His People

SERVANT HOOD is our highest calling and greatest position in the Kingdom of God. We are called to serve and to be a servant.

You are invited to join us for powerful teaching that will unlock the truths and revelations about:

  1. True Kingdom Servant hood/True Leadership
  2. Why are we called to serve
  3. Characteristics of servant hood
  4. Requirements to serving
  5. Qualities to possess
  6. Opposition to serving
  7. Identifying people with diabolical assignments
  8. Staying the course

School of Prophetic Ministry - Level 2 (Growing and Advancing)

This six weeks course will begin on  Monday,  May 16, 2016

Six consecutive virtual classes

School of Prophetic Ministry, Level II

8:00pmEST - 9:30pmEST

Facilitator: Prophet Deitre Lynn Johnson


The Prophetic Ministry is more than giving people "the Word of the Lord" once in a while. God wants you to be His oracle, or one who speaks on the behalf of God inspired or influenced of the Holy Spirit.


Our divine intention is to develop a prophetic  kingdom community who can hear and act on the voice of the Lord. We will endeavor to nurture and support you in your desire to grow, develop & expand in the anointing of the Prophetic Ministry, which glorifies the Lord, thru offering the following weekly learning topics, activations & discussions:

* Contending for the Fullness of the Prophetic Anointing

* The Prophet's Ministry of Impartations, Gifts and Spiritual Power and Anointings 

* Prophets Who Protect

* Prophets At The Gates

* Spiritual Authority and Submission

* Nurturing the Prophetic Ministry

* Practical Ways to Grow in The Prophetic

* Prophetic Activations


This will be a life-changing six weeks intensive which will require deep humility as learners; expressed in a teachable spirit as you go to greater depths and advance in prophetic ministry.

E-Mentoring / Marketplace Ministry Program

Facilitator: Apostle Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker

Five  virtual Mentoring |Marketplace Ministry classes

New Dates Coming Soon!! 8:00pmEST - 9:30pmEST


DDI presents a five-weeks, on-line, mentoring and marketplace ministry program for leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into a profitable marketplace product, service and/or marketplace business.

This one-of-a-kind group-mentoring experience will be facilitated by Kingdom Mentor and successful business owner,

 Apostle Lougenia Rucker, designed to support you to identify, embrace and brand your "brilliance" in the marketplace while advancing the Kingdom of God.


God has blessed each one of us with unique gifts, talents, abilities and callings to equip us to fulfill our divine purpose. Furthermore, as you grow in Him, you will come to recognize that you have a special anointing to exercise your influence to impact a world.

The following learning topics will be presented in the exclusive Divine Diamonds Ministries on-line Learning Center and discussed on weekly conference calls:

* Your Passion, Your Product, Your Plan
* Your Ideal Client/Customer/Target Market
* Your Marketing Brand and Branding Your Brilliance
* 12 Visibility Tips/Develop your Market/Audience
* Building Your Team
* Leverage Your Brand
* 5 Common Marketing Pitfalls
* Marketplace Activations, Prophetic Impartation & Transformation


BONUS: I will teach you how to make "right now" money in your business/marketplace ministry.


Fulfill your destiny and release your brilliance as an Apostolic-Prophetic Leader in the Marketplace.

Don't let fear, doubt, hesitation or procrastination stop you from tapping into your greater potential and power.