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Quotes I finish this course as a confident child of Christ who flows in the prophetic. I am confident that I know God and hear God. The word says all are called to prophecy, so I walk in boldness with the understanding that I too can hear from God. So much has changed in this short amount of time. I can hear God better, I am able to interpret the word on a deeper level, and I have the knowledge of the prophetic role. This class has inspired me to get on a more personal level with God. This class has inspired me to have the desire to hear from God. I am so excited for part two! Quotes
Melissa S-Johnson
Prophetic Boot Camp Level 1 Course

Quotes I really enjoyed Prophetic BootCamp. I?ve always wanted to know the difference between the gift of Prophecy and the office of the Prophet. I gained a lot of knowledge regarding my Spiritual gifts and the operations of them. This class has brought me out to the fore front where the Lord wants me. It?s taught me how to be led by the Spirit of God and how to seek Him. Allowing us to pray, and speak into people is great activation. I will recommend anyone to this institute. The class room was a good size for us to ask all questions and responses that was needed. The teachers were patient, and very understanding to our questions and needs. They made sure we understood everything before we moved on to the next section. I really appreciate Divine Diamond Ministries. I?m looking forward to bootcamp level 2. Quotes
Andrea Johnson

Quotes ?Being a student in this class was an inspiration from God to understand his word more and becoming spiritually mature. My time spent in Level 1 Boot camp was absolutely phenomenal. I gleaned a lot about prophecy and the different levels of prophetic ministry which are extremely important in understanding the meaning or contents of prophetic words or messages. God intended for his people to understand prophecy which is presented throughout the bible. I found the lessons, the assignments, the discussions and dialog within the classroom forum to be very insightful in understanding how God is able to work through us for the possibility of future events and prophesy. I must say this class surpassed my expectations in learning about Prophetic Ministry and being able to identify, understand, discern the difference in prophecy as it is a divine gift from God which is communicated to us and understood by the prophet whom is communicating the word or gifted with prophetic utterances. Quotes
Madia J. Coke
Prophetic Boot Camp Level 1 Course

Quotes My experience from taking the Prophetic 2 course was remarkable and completion of the course has caused spiritual and natural growth. My relationship with God has become more intimate. I learned to trust Him more and gain greater understanding of His word. Apostle Rucker taught so many things but knowing how to properly prepare to hear from God and knowledge of proper prophetic etiquette was priceless. Each week was a new depth of revelation of God's word and will for our lives. Getting in the right place and being obedient to God has propelled me into my natural blessings. Since committing to do the work and be in the will of God, He has opened doors for me personally and in my businesses. It's obvious the favor of God is with us. Several scriptures come to mind concerning His promises but 3 John 1:2 stands out most. I believe taking and completing the course caused God's promises to be released to me and my family NOW! I admonish you to take the Prophetic Classes. Quotes
Shyla Boskett Omorgieva
Newark, DE

Quotes This course was truly a Blessing, and I am so glad to have taken part in it. As I completed the Level 1 Boot Camp, there was something in my heart (the Holy Spirit) that told me not to stop, to keep going. I am so glad that I did. This course was an awesome continuation of Level 1, not to mention the additional opportunities it provided for conversation, as well as activations. To be able to share with all of my sisters what we were learning, as we ministered in the Thursday Night "Wisdom Speaks" Prayer Calls, was a time I will always treasure. May God continue to work this Great work through you Apostle Rucker, I know that the best is yet to come! Quotes
Rev. Victoria Burse
Atlanta, GA

Quotes I have been blessed, stretched, empowered, humbled and encouraged. I am honored to have been a participant in Prophetic Ministry Level II and thank God for yet another opportunity to learn and grow and to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I thank God for Apostle Rucker's teaching style, her love and no-nonsense approach to assist in liberating each student is amazing. This course has been refreshing and has challenged me to desire to go higher and dig deeper and be the best that I can be for the Lord. Thank you Apostle Rucker for your sacrifice and passionate heart to see me continue moving forward. Quotes
Prophet Deitre Johnson
Richmond, Virginia

Quotes I enrolled in the Boot Camp course to gain confidence in the area of prophetic ministry and the gift of prophesy but also to learn more about the office of a prophet. I gained knowledge via the workbook, the gifted teachers, Prophet Deitre and Apostle Lougenia Rucker and my fellow class mates. I took the class to also learn from others and receive from the Lord via the class edification and encouragement to continue to keep seeking and growing in the knowledge of Him. I am grateful to Lord for the virtual platform offered and the convenience of the virtual learning school/class. Preparation and due timing is what prompted me to enroll, revelation and understanding is what I've received. Bless you and the ministry of DDM. Quotes
Pearl Tamayo
Atlanta, GA

Quotes Admittedly, I was unsure what to expect from the Prophetic Boot Camp. I was very unsure about attending the class, but I am glad that I listened to God's nudging! I found the class to be very informative and eye opening regarding prophetic ministry. Prophet Deitre has a wealth of knowledge and was very willing to walk with us in this journey of figuring out what God is saying to us and how to deliver it to others. She was very encouraging and really pushed us to dig deeper to really gain a closer relationship with the Lord in order to hear him quickly. I am so grateful to have been a part of this class and I am looking forward to the growing closer to the Lord and learning more of how to use the gifts God has given to edify the body of Christ. Quotes
Jovan Moore
Atlanta, GA

Quotes Thank you Apostle Lougenia for all your invaluable Wisdom, Counsel, Patience and Prayers throughout this course (Mentoring & Marketplace Ministry Program). You truly exemplify the Brilliance of a Diamond that I aspire to be. Quotes
Sister Apryl Herring; Philadelphia, PA
Single Moms Moving Mountains

Quotes I am truly blessed to have taken part in Marketplace Mentoring with Apostle Lougenia Rucker. As a result of this 6 week class I am more confident in my brand, the message, and focused on my income generating niche market. As an added bonus, I gained more clients over the past 6 weeks than I had in the previous six months. I am extremely grateful or the impartations and instructions released by Apostle Rucker. Quotes
Minister Ronalda Sedeno; Lansdowne, PA
Kingdom Virtual Assistants